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UNIVERSAL GRADE – Product Information


RubbeGuardPRO ™ universal Grade(UG) is our most popular grade liquid rubber – which is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with PG or GC depending on the type of media that is being applied to. UG is a liquid rubber thickness (yoghurt consistency) which is used for waterproofing and corrosion prevention. Can be used on wood / wood, concrete, gunite / concrete and metal – including iron, galvanized steel, rusted metal and alloy steel. UG RubbeGuardPRO ™ should be applied generously to clean, dry substrates.

Remember, RubbeGuardPRO ™ not paint – is a membrane. So the idea is to not apply RubbeGuardPRO ™ thin in order to get it to go further – the idea is to create a membrane. Generous layers are required. CAUTION: If RubbeGuardPRO ™ is applied with a total thickness of less than 60mil – you run the risk of failure of membrane and product warranties are considered void. If you have any questions regarding your request – please ask, that’s what were here for!

    • Waterproofing of roof coatings, balconies, perimeter walks, basements, bathrooms and processing areas.
    • The repair of asphalt roof coatings, metal, slate and other repair coating materials.
    • Waterproofing of wells, drainage systems and pumps heads of the hopper.
    • Tank, pools, reservoirs, water storage containers and chemical waterproofing substance.
    • Treatment against corrosion of metal structures.

Unary product, ready for use for the production of coating thin layer of water proof joint with the aim of protecting any engineering constructions, exposed to UV rays, water, most solutions of acid, alkali, oxidizing and aging processes. Relaxed on surfaces such as: concrete stone, artificial and natural, marble, slate, wood, black and galvanized metal, plastic, polystyrene, etc.

    • Pull-Off Adhesion Strength to Alloy Steel 1080 : 82 PSI
    • Pull-Off Adhesion Strength to Flash Rust : 127 PSI
    • Coverage (per coat @ 20 mils DFT) : 135 ft²/gal – Single Coat (3 Coats for 60mil)
    • Product Specifications :pdf UG Specification Document (PDF)
    • Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS):pdfUG MSDS

Deep-brown liquid, low viscosity, with light oil flavor.

    • Density: 1.180 d/dm3
    • Application temperature : 5-40
    • Drying time (full polymerization) :: 12 (24) hours
    • pH:> 7
    • Non-volatile content : 70% = / – 1
    • Volatile compounds : 30% + / -1 (agua)


After applying the product, create unique seamless indoor putty, you get the features of high elasticity (1.350%) after complete drying, continued to deformation, absolute water, gas current and resistance. Coating retains its performance for more than 25 years of constant exposure to changes in temperature, UV, ozone and chemicals.

UG is the waterproof “membrane” RubberGuardPRO system. For most projects, thickness is recommended installing at least 60mil. Typically, this requires three generous layers of UG. As with other products RubberGuardPRO, UG is not paint what is not fine is applied in order to make the product go “beyond” generous layers are required.

In most cases, UG RubberGuardPRO is suitable for the following types of substrates:

    • Plywood
    • Wood, such as treated or untreated poles, standard lumber
    • Iron, rusty metal, Galvanized Steel
    • Curing Concrete / Granite
    • Foreign Basement
    • Prepared Fiberglass, Polyurethane and Plastic
    • Shower Pans / plaster / cement board


Typical Coverage Rate

Most substrates to obtain 45 w / c per gallon @ 60mil thick. This can not be achieved in a single layer and usually requires 3 coats to achieve recommended 60mil thickness. If the substrate is very rough or porous get less. We like to say that you can get 135 sq / ft per layer and three layers of UG need in order to get the recommended thickness of 60mils. NOTE: If you have left over after covering UG 45 p / c with three layers, being applied too thin. If you run out before applying the three layers that are requesting is too thick.

UG is needed to implement a brush less or 1/8 of a hair roller. “UG brushing is recommended because it is applied thicker and fills voids and cracks easier. When using a roller that is easier to apply the gum too thin, if UG is applied too thin will not create a membrane that can be built on and runs the risk of delamination.


    • Step 1 - Follow the surface preparation instructions.
    • Step 2 - PG RubberGuardPRO Hand Stir for 2-4 minutes. No shake / tremble with high-speed devices.
    • Step 3 - Apply to the substrate using very generous layers you’ll notice is thick and applies well to vertical surfaces puddles of water to be extended to ensure sometimes dry / cure.
    • Step 4 - Allow to dry. Remember, RubberGuardPRO is water based so that the rubber must evaporate completely out of each layer before applying the next. You get the best results by applying RubberGuardPRO outdoors during the day, when temperatures are above 60 ° F and direct sunlight. This helps the water evaporation.If your project requires you to apply indoors, it is recommended to be placed near fans wet rubber to aid in the evaporation of water. May also be useful to establish coated area under a small lamp.